Drink Up

by Champagne Duane

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released April 21, 2013

Executive Producer: Champagne Duane
Recorded at Black Diamond Studios in Portland, OR



all rights reserved


Champagne Duane Oakland, California

It is often said that an artist can change the game, but all too often it doesn’t happen. In the case of Champagne Duane, people should at least start paying attention. He is the definition of hard work and has brought his solid work ethic to the booth. Creative, witty, edgy, smooth and perceptive only begin to describe his approach to the game, but one word you should use is, complete. ... more

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Track Name: Drink Up (feat. Keem G)
Lock the doors
Rock some more
Pop the corks
We got a lot to pour
Drink up (8x)

Verse 1
OK, welcome to the octagon
this one goes out to all the folks who thought hip hop was gone
but when i write rhymes, it's like lifelines to keep rocking on
and since it's night time, bring that white wine and let's pop these blondes
gold bottles, Chris Bosh-a-thon
guess there's no more knocking LeBron
give him his props, give him his due
he just boosted his stocks and bonds
speaking of the king, shoutout to the home Jonathan John
it's been one hell of a year, the saga continues, the drama goes on
oh well, get ready for some saki bombs
L'Chaim! we doing this for Rosh Hashan
I'll give you a pass if you trying to fast for Ramadan
but once the sun goes down, you gotta come rock with the Don


Verse 2 (Keem G)
We pre-partied at the house a while ago, now we tipsy in line
No brown, but I did put vodka and sprite to mix it in with my lime
I can not care less if she in a hot dress, I still think that she fine
But she a crying hot mess, at least you can guess would you like some cheese with that wine
Talkin bout gouda
bacon, lettuce, bread, chips, dough, grams, moola
Money on my mind, thinking bout a dime
about the only time when I think that I'm losing
But in the mean time, in between time
drink that slow, no time to rewind
If if was a fif, you'd try to remind
me why I said if I sip slow
so thats why I said if I go
to the bar and get the drinks, then if I know
you can try to relax, but if I go,
I don't wanna hear about that if i blow
cuz it's only gonna be about if i show
and you only gonna hear about it if i flow
i kick bang with the gang, just do my thang
the way that we hang, we batten em down with just a little champagne


Verse 3
Pain is weakness leaving the body, hood is white girls leaving the party
I'm done with this chick, I need a new hoooe-tel, I'm leaving the lobby
I cannot believe he's so snobby, can you believe he's so snobby
what's wrong with that, shoot, I gotta compete with the people who knock me
I've paid my dues, I've done my don'ts
I've ran through crews, I've hung on boats
I've smanged a few who like to get choked
Lost more money than lost remotes
Sat next to greats, hung with the bottom
I clean the plate, I'm Billary Rodman
I run this town, Batman to Gotham
The tale of two cities, Gomorrah and Sodom
The tale of two tithes, it's Laura from Harlem
She still be calling 'cause no one's more awesome
Bossin, flossin, total the cost and give the card to the cashier and say charge it
Charge it to the game, ain't nobody mess in wit ya boy Champagne Duane

Track Name: Vegas Baby
I stare out of the window of my 75th floor/
Room, The view is spectacular, nothing piss poor/
Zoom, A closer look up to the stars/
I can't believe what I'm seeing, is this a Mirage/
say it is not so, staying at the Cosmo/
The VIP Check-In was perfect. Picture. Picasso/
I just wanna Wynn Wynn Wynn, give em an Encore/
Performance. Bravo. Enormous. Lavo/
This is VEGAS BABY! Nah this ain't Paris/
But I just saw the Eiffel Tower, and I can see Harrah's/
Girls is looking good, like some Ciaras/
Praying tonight's a good night, you think they can hear us/
The Trump Tower gives me hope, like, I can be on that level/
Money is the root, should I just meet with the devil/
Or should I just work harder
That dream of owning a team, maybe the Clips/
Moving it to Nevada, renaming it The Strip/
This is VEGAS BABY! The sound of the slot machines/
Music to my ears, they astounded when they spot my team/
As we walk through the lobby like we own the place/
We got a pocket full of chips and a poker face/
This is the only place where you can lose your mind/
Double down, triple your worth, man it's One of a Kind (1OAK)/
We glide right up to the front of the line/
Like 'we here and we ain't leaving tip the sun's gonna shine/
This is VEGAS BABY! The bright lights, the skyline/
The nightlife, the ice shines, the wrong places, the right times/
You draw up the night's plans as soon as the flight lands/
You treat it like '96 and the ball is in Mike's hands/
One shot, one kill, one shot, one spill/
To the ones who can't be here, we got, y'all still/
That all too familiar feeling when your vision is impaired/
Your vision is in pairs/ and there's magic in the air
Track Name: The Flyest
flight attendant and baby crying

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the flyest of them all
You are you conceited bastard
You are you conceited bastard.

Verse 1
I got ambitionz to be flyer so I gotta Tupac it/ asked my tailor for a double-breasted suit with two pockets/ angry stares from them squares when I wear that square in that pocket/ but my attitude is rock it cuz all the girls jock it/ don't knock it til you cop it/ oops forgot, you ain't got it/ fingers startin to callous from all these tags I be poppin/ yo it's 7:47 time to jump up in that cockpit/ I'll be up here for a while, there's no telling when I'm dropping/ I'm guessing while I'm up here I can stop by Spacely Sprockets/ and pick up a couple of new dead bolts for my rockets/ the next time I come down to Earth y'all better had stopped it/ all that hatin, that debating, let the birds do the squawking// some people do the talkin/ some people do the walkin/ and some crews do that mockin/ my crew we do that flocking/ no time soon is we landing/ only so much room for standing/ so y'all can keep on yapping/ and me, I'm gon keep on flapping/ I'm the FLYEST.


Verse 2
Beamer Benz or Bentley? I'm not sure where you going/ but if you looking for the champ you gonna need a Boeing/ I'm running out of room for all this mojo that I'm stowing/ laced up, size 11, wingtips showing/ call the flight attendant, my seat belt must be broken/ no wait I'm just that fly, it can't stop me from floatin/ tapped the captain on his shoulder n I told him to get going/ like dog you in my seat but I think cloud 9 is open/ (fast flow) Look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane/ don't be absurd, in a word, it's Duane/ don't waste ya time throwin dirt on his name/ it'll just wash off when I blur thru rain/ you ain't never been this high, What up Kurt Cobain/ I can hear doves cry #purple rain/ flyer than a popped bottle bearing my name/ got the hottest chick in the game sippin champagne/ Michael Jordan come fly wit me/ Mighty Ducks Flying V/ there's no I in team, no I in we, but there's an I in flying by/ it's fly or die/ i pilot skies/ sink or swim, but when you think of him yo it's high and dry/


Verse 3
I'ma start off on that west coast, where them gangstas c walk/ I'm lookin for that deep green, that Seattle Seahawks/ I-5South to Oregon, I gotta get more bucks, get more green and yell o that's a shout out to my ducks/ yo I gotta get more paper, it's the only thing that talks/ so I hit the Chi and I fly wit them Blackhawks/ take a quick detour, help out with some nesting/ family out in Detroit, wassup to my Red Wings/ need more icing on this cake, who better than my Penguins/ black and yellow black and yellow patent leather 11s/ still paper chasin out in BMore yes I need more/ I put some in my savings and the rest goes to my Ravens/ i just got off the PJ how do you get round without one/ red n black lumberjack, hat to match, Atlanta Falcon/ I'm sitting on a nimbus, aviator lenses/ enjoying the weather, please dont ruffle my feathers/ I'm the flyest.


flight attendant
Track Name: Victory in the Making
Verse 1
Just when you thought it was safe/ I'm all in ya safe/ leaving nothing, taking all that you've saved/ nope I ain't in bed yet/ real rap ain't dead yet/ I put on the head set, now I'm calling the plays/ flea flicker hail Mary got you all in a daze/ best believe I put in work, this is all in a day's/ and lately you been looking like you got somethin for me, but we both know you chump so we'll call it a phase/ this is theme music/ dream to it/ need y'all to read thru it/ don't just speed thru it/ need y'all to be fluent/ game too close for yall to go out there n P. Ewing/ missin layups, stinking up the court, y'all PUing/ what the hell is he doin/ he calls that rap and what the hell is she doin/ she needs to be slapped, y'all just a bunch of C students/ what's the rock cookin? I already smell the beef stewing

Break out the champagne.
Victory in the making.

Verse 2
Let's focus on the future. Let's coach em in the huddle. Stop focusing on the struggle and show em how to shuffle. Bob n weave. Stick n move. Hard work. Dedication. All the essentials so they can pop open the bubbles. Let's teach these young muscles old tricks. How to hold their ground like some dusty ol kicks. The stuff legends are made of. Rockys 1 thru 6. And how to watch for snakes. Balboa constrict. hey son, don't you quit on me now/ I need your head in this game/ and I need it out of the clouds/ if i say drop n gimme 50, you get down on the ground/ if you ain't strong enough to pitch, then you ain't out on the mound/ straight up, you need to get you weight up/ there's a lotta bloodsuckers out here gettin they hate up/ they got no love, they don't wanna see in a ring/ put on the gloves and they can't see you in the ring/


Verse 3
Break out the Champagne/ it's time to get paid, blow up like Dwyane Wade/ Oh don't you know. That's the sound of the men. GET BACK. Working on the Chain Gang/ i see clearly foresight yea Duane Wayne. Play tricks on u kids like Duane Blaine. Champagne. And we ain't in the same lane. My swagger's surfin so hard it's about to hang ten/ a pictures worth a thousand. What I'm seeing through these frames/ Only cost me 650. told em keep the change/ they say hey Duane, why'd you pick that name/ cuz you can't become the Champ without a little pain (Pagne).
Track Name: Get Down
Get down! Go Ladies!
Get down! Go Ladies!
Get down! Go Ladies!
Get down! Go Ladies!
Get down! Go Ladies!
Get down! Go Ladies!
Get down! Go Ladies!
Get down! Go Ladies!

Verse 1
Once was an astronomer, I stared at the stars/
Now I write what I see and they comparing my bars/
Like Snickers to Twix, is he the sickest at this/
Or is it ridiculousness that he spits from his lips
Never mind that, my style of rap is that of a god's/
And you green wit envy, caesar salad wit y'alls/
And I'm dressed to the T, but that's enough about fashion/
Like they slippin off my nose, I'm still raisin up glasses/
I don't drink that much, I think more than I say/
So if you 'round me, don't take offense, I'm absorbing the day/
At night, I download like 'what did I learn?'/
What did I earn, what did I burn, was it my turn/
Was I concerned, when that girl told me how she felt/
Or did I dismiss her and focus on the belt/
Probably the latter, but it probably doesn't matter/
'Cause she probably know my pockets getting fatter/
She'll still get down


Verse 2
Had the grades to get in Harvard if I wanted/
Did it my way and I marveled in the moment/
Too original, you can't borrow my components/
Sorry I send over my condolence/ Here's some flowers/
Where's the towers/ Boy, I wish 'Pac was around
when they knocked em down, he woulda went face to face with cowards/
But that's enough of that/ I'll save it for another track/
I done gone off the edge and I ain't coming back/
Kick in the door/ become the 44th/
President of the US and end the war/
Which is more gangsta, Obama or Shakur/
Dave Quality Meats, I bring it raw/
You say you the truth in the booth but you telling lies/
dark skinned broth as, what's up with these yella guys/
They trying to come around, they trying to take to run the town/
They trying to take the crown/ well they better get down


Verse 3
The Zuckerberg of plucking words/
I need em to see, this ain't a trend, this is the revenge of the nerds/
What the doctor ordered, what the game's been missing/
We don't see eye to eye, we ain't the same prescription/
Check the field, nah, we ain't the same position/
Even if we was, you wouldn't play it with the same conviction/
Whether you came to listen/ or you just cmd to diss him/
You still came and it ain't take convincing/
Now get down

Track Name: Eat Your Words
This is, uh, a little unsportsman-like, but that's okay.
I'm not even gonna stretch though. I'ma just jump on the field, and do my thing...

Hook 1
As the old adage goes, as the old adage goes/ lessons learned the hard way make the old adage gold/ and the lessons i have learned have that old adage pose/ but i've yet to meet an adage i can old apropos/ they tell me i don't live quite serious enough/ when i lay awake at night, life's serious enough/ i'm tryin to win the fight while seething with disgust/ getting tired of the critics like "serious! enough!"/ i've tried and i've failed, recovered and I've triumphed/ i've walked every road on the way through life's trials/ i'm hungry and i'm tired, but still i'm inspired/ steady reaching for dreams before my drive expires/ or should i say, before my life expires/ cuz as long as i'm breathing, i'm dreaming of achieving/ relief from my grief and i need something to believe in/ i wanna see the wonders, then we'll be even steven.

All I hear from the peanut gallery is snickers. Well gon n eat your words my niggas.
If you hungry, why wait? Eat your words, my niggas.
(Melody by Takashi Miller)
Eat your words, what you said he other day is for the birds, 'cause I always finish first
Eat your words, open wide and let my lyrics quench your thirst, 'cause I always finish first, eat your words

Verse 2
Got these cowards catchin feelings when they see just how I'm shining/ wit a glow that's oh so bright, got em screamin like The Shining/ claimin I'm so arrogant, misguided when I'm rhyming/ but the truth behind the criticism is that I remind em/ of the dreams they never accomplished/ the schemes that made em a convict/ imprisoned by their jealousy and petty little nonsense/ But I will not apologize for graspin opportunity/ smiling with a twinkle in my eyes through all the scrutiny/ insecure, like, "Who is he?"/ taxin me, no duty free/ consider this a mutiny, there's nothin you can do to me/ my journey thru the jungle was like rumblin wit Rumble/ every little step I took they tried to make me stumble/ tried to knock me on the humble/ Even sting the king bumble/ but now they see me on my way they mumblin like Mumbles/ they all worked up, ears perked up like Dumbo/ but i just block shots and wave the finger like Motumbo/


Verse 3
They said it couldn't be done/ they said it couldn't be won/ all that stuff they said, they musta said it for fun/ cuz here I am on top of proverbial Mt. Everest/ and this is just the beginning, I'm gonna alter the Guinness/ meet me at the altar with reasons to stop making wishes/ if I get married, tell Peter and Paul I got the dishes/ when the Saints go marching in, I'ma be in that number/ one spot like that boy that PG for the Thunder/ so keep overlooking the Zero/ I'm a hero/ nice guy now, you don't wanna see the Nero [deNiro]/ I go from goodfella to godfather/ you just adding fuel to the fire right now so why bother/ I hope the words that you cook got enough seasonin/ don't let em go cold you gotta reheat em/ funny taste in yo mouth as soon as you speak em/ hope you choke on your words as soon you eat em/

Track Name: We Love It
Hook (Saeeda Wright)
We've waited all our lives
We've got our arms out wide
We're pointing to the sky
We can't explain this high

Verse 1
Yesterday we made history/ today we made our presence known/ we answered the call, and we left the phone/ off the hook/ no recollection it was off the books/ southern comfort and brotherly love is all it took/ I brought my boys wit me and we chillin hard/ I dreamt about this day back on Woodbridge Blvd/ 7609/ that's where I spit that rhyme/ for the first time, it was sick, I was 9/ now signs in the sky say that I have arrived/ I'm undersized but there's pride in my eyes/ I'm on the rise, here's a word to the wise, you better take your eyes off my fries, KETCHUP BUSTAS! And quit tryin to disguise my demise/ my eyes stay tied to the prize/ here's for all the nights I was dyin inside/ raises your glasses up, let's get high off of life. C'mon!


Verse 2
It's amazing what you remember when you just a little boy/ saw my momma cry for the first time and it wasn't tears of joy/ it was sorrow/ and that was the day I said today will never happen tomorrow/ or any day to follow/ sharpened the blade like Zorro/ asked my Dad to borrow/ a dime and nickel... first week, turned profit, 85 cents/ i stopped n smelled the roses, aint a nice scent/ i hopped back in the whip, been doin 85 since/ So now my goal is simple/ since life is all about ups and downs I'm hoping for more pimples than dimples/ now its... Lodi Dodi/ and we like to party/ hopefully the dj's nice enough to play Naughty/ by Nature, I love ya/ don't hate ya, I want ya/ to celebrate everyday that's my latest mantra/ so break out the champagne if you aint an imposter/ man that boy Duane Danger's a monster/


You got a 100 dollar bill pant ya hands up/ You got a 20 dollar bill pant ya hands up/ You got a 10 dollar bill pant ya hands up/ you got nothin but love put ya hands up/ (in the tone of Heavy D)

Hook x2

We've waited all our lives.
Track Name: If I Die Today
Verse 1
If I die today/ tell my mother that I love her and I'll shine a ray/ i'll shine it right her way/ I'll shine it right away/ so she can know her baby boy didn't die in vain/ love died in these veins/ I did everything I could just to make it good/ if only my ex girlfriends understood/ should my next girl be from the hood/ or should I just text girls that wanna uhhh/ I digress/ my tombstone should read 'money on my mind, pride on my chest, love inside my heart, family over everything, didn't always get it right, i tried my best'/ tell my father I became a man/ the day he taught me how tie a tie and always raise my hand/ if I got something to say, but never raise a hand/ to place em on a woman, what an amazing man/

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take,
don't cry for me, don't shed a tear
Just ride for me on this day every year,
To my homies the best is near,
So if I die today, just pretend I'm there.

Verse 2
If I die today, I hope I'm forgiven/ for all the things that I did when I shoulda asked for permission/ and if sorry's not enough, das your own bad decision/ I'm at peace with all my actions and my transgressions/ may angels protect me on my ascension/ if I'm sworn to hell, I'm selecting my own henchmen/ gimme Hitler, gimme Stalin, if I ever get fenced in/ I'll need the coldest blooded soldiers standing at attention/ but I'm pretty sure/ my legacy is secure/ may have lost a few battles, succeeded in war/ may they never forget me/ may they always respect me/ may they say that they rep me, with their feet to the floor/ never on their knees, take from the rich, feed to the poor/ and don't feel too bad, they don't need it no more/ and when they ask you who sent you, tell em 'an iron fist/ with the mind of a Mayan prince'/ tell em 'a dying wish'/


Verse 3
Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.
I shot a text to the bouncer at the pearly gates/ "Aye its Duane, secure me a space/ what's the line lookin like, not sure I can wait/ unless my fam reserves me an earlier wake/ and if you got any tables left I'ma need one/ preferably wit a view of the Garden of Eden/ tell my grandfathers I'm dying to meet em/ so we can break bread n pop bottles of Freedom/