Enough [​(​feat. Barack Obama) prod. Cee Goods]

from by Champagne Duane

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(Verse 1)
Just seen a homeless woman sleep in front of city hall
Thirty feet from her, there layed the holy bible
Both of them abandoned, neither one could see the fall
I started thinking am I here for my own survival
The irony hit me, and lit a fire within me
Her guidance was literally a stones throw away
If Goliath can get beat, then why can’t I empty
My pride for my pennies and fill a hole in her day
Is a dollar enough? Is a dollar enough?
Is that all that I can spare, she could probably call my bluff
Is a dollar enough? Here a dollar’s enough.
But what happens to the dollar as soon as it leaves my clutch
Isn’t ‘In God We Trust’, Isn’t ‘In God We Trust’
On the money for a reason or am I making this up
And if it’s God that we trust, IF it’s God that we trust
Then why not give her the bible, why didn’t I pick it up, huh?

Barack Obama: Fixing the Homeless Crisis

(Verse 2)
Single mother, victim of abuse
The web she’s caught up in got her feeling recluse
Ex husband, just to spite her (just a spider)
Won’t pick up the kids before she works an all-nighter/ two jobs, true survivor Provide the type o life her kids would like to live
So they won’t freeze, no eve without the ribs
Minimum wage pays for a maximum rage
Sinking lower like a casket so she asks for a raise
Is a dollar enough? Is a dollar enough?
A dollar more still couldn’t get her on the bus
Is a dollar enough? Here a dollar’s enough.
By now she’s thinking she should have never fallen in love
Is her daughter a crutch? Is her daughter a crutch?!
A mother shouldn’t have to think that way about her pups
Is it bothering us? Ain’t it bothering us?
That the system missed the point and now we amidst all this dust

Barack Obama speaks on Women and the Economy

(Verse 3)
Dear Brock, if your name was Barack
You wouldn’t make it this far/ you’d a been slain by the cops
Though this is not about race/ this is about disgrace
This is about a woman who can barely show her face
But he’s a star so she must’ve kissed him
Just a slap on the wrist, a couple months in prison
The justice system says ‘it’s just his system’
Well there’s some real killers inside that’ll adjust his system
Is a dollar enough? Is a dollar enough?
That’s gotta be enough for her to keep it on the hush
Is a dollar enough? Here a dollar’s enough!
Spent the rest on a lawyer who painted you as a lush
You think locking him up’s/ not worth the horrible cut
That she has to live with daily, I’m sorry your honor, what?!
He graduates with honors while she can hardly conduct-
I’m at a loss for words, I think I’ve said enough.

Barack Obama: Rape is Rape


from The Campaign, released February 20, 2017
Written by Champagne Duane
Produced by Cee Goods



all rights reserved


Champagne Duane Oakland, California

It is often said that an artist can change the game, but all too often it doesn’t happen. In the case of Champagne Duane, people should at least start paying attention. He is the definition of hard work and has brought his solid work ethic to the booth. Creative, witty, edgy, smooth and perceptive only begin to describe his approach to the game, but one word you should use is, complete. ... more

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