Gun Control [prod. Cee Goods]

from by Champagne Duane

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President Obama on the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

Crowd chanting “No Justice, No Peace” in front of Police Department in Oakland, CA

What if we shoot back?
What if we shoot back?
What if we shoot back?
What if we shoot back?

(Verse 1)
Murder in the first degree/ with no urgency/ to get his body to emergency/ just left him in the Ferguson street/ for the world to see/ god damnit how perverted are we/ and it’s burning in the 3rd degree to see our dreams deferred and be referred so fervently/ as the reason it occurs like we yearn to be gunned down to the ground like a herd of beasts/ wait, I just heard the police/ kill another brother in broad day light/ we don’t tell our kids about the birds n the bees/ they learn how to freeze/ and lose all their rights/ that’s not propaganda/ there don’t ever stop Amanda/ you lucky if you meet Miranda/ when the cops say hands up it’s… (Shots)…To all the Katie’s who want ’em a mixed baby/ better hope he turn into another Curry or a Drake/ what you gon do when they say the family picture you painted is tainted/ he gotta wash the dirt off his face/ that’s the color of his skin/ your his mother you’re his kin/ but the prisons are filled so they killing at will and next they could be coming for him/ Why must I be mortified everytime someone’s immortalized/ why does it take a sole to rise like Jordan 5s when 6 ring out from the .45/ he was only 23… He had all his life/ he was only 12 years old, you saw 21, you not qualified


(Verse 2)
What if we shoot back/ what if we each had at least 2 gats/ one cast steel for Castile, one new Mac for move back/ what if we was out for vengeance/ what if we go pay they house a visit/ what if we go ahead n Malcolm X them right out of existence… (shots - Man Down!) … what if we call up the leader of Isis/ tell em there’s really a crisis/ tell em we gon need some advice kid/ cops killing kids out here and they bleeding for life it’s/ gone way way way past brutality/ this is now bad for humanity/ this is now mad, it’s insanity/ all at the hands of their vanity/ n still no recourse/ for militant p’lice force/ we’re starting to get really impatient/ still no convictions/ we’re boa constricted/ to thinking that the laws ain’t changing/ we should Grant him an Oscar for Shootvale Station/ way to play innocent, standing ovation/ clap for him or clap at him, what if we change the conversation


I bet them street cameras work then!

President Obama on the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile


from The Campaign, released February 20, 2017
Written by Champagne Duane
Produced by Cee Goods


all rights reserved



Champagne Duane Oakland, California

It is often said that an artist can change the game, but all too often it doesn’t happen. In the case of Champagne Duane, people should at least start paying attention. He is the definition of hard work and has brought his solid work ethic to the booth. Creative, witty, edgy, smooth and perceptive only begin to describe his approach to the game, but one word you should use is, complete. ... more

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