See The Sun [prod. Cee Goods]

from by Champagne Duane

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President Obama on the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

(Verse 1)
They stuck with us now/ put up wit us now
Never thought we’d run the town when we ducked underground (we runnin’)
Though How to Make a Slave by Wiilie Lynch is still applying
Keep the body, take the mind, I swear they got it to a science (Go!)
Like, first ship em dope and let em deal to brothers (then)
Give em guns, step back, and watch em kill each other (then)
Devour, then deflower n devalue their heroines
Street powder to keep power, put a value on heroin (got it)
Like D Howard we ran to the block
With outstretched hands we asked our mans for the rock
Page 4 of the curriculum/ wage war, start convicting em
Here comes Daniel with the vans and the locks (Book ’em, Danno!)
So how you feel, how you feel, how you feel
In 25, the number’s grown to 2.5 mill
Cheap labor became free, too costly to send us back
Blackmail the black male, I’m just sending the facts (fax)

Will I die in here? Will I see the sun?
25 more years, ‘Til I see my son
I’m buried alive, I’m gone and forgotten
Black’s the new black, bloodshed’s the new cotton
They can take my body, they can’t take my mind
Lord take my soul, when they say it’s my time
Will I die in here? Will I see my son?
25 more years, Will I see the sun?

(Verse 2)
The rules are bent, assaulted female prisoners consent
To stay content/ Who’s job is to repent?
When 12 officers have felt her breasts/ today alone
12 months from now, 12 million more arrests (oh no)
Happy anniversary baby!
Come here and peel off that orange, you ain’t been nursing me lately
Demented, sick defendants plead the 5th amendment
While trauma alters genetics of troubled and scarred descendants
I take it from your silence that I’m making you listen
State of the prison/ designed for violence n racial division
Main Mission: confine ’em to a hole
Deny ’em payroll so they violate parole (you’ll be back)
So how you feel, how you feel, how you feel
In 25, the number’s grown to 2.5 mill
800 on death row, takes 80 million to power
So much for the 8th Amendment/ when you make 8 cents an hour/ these are facts


(Verse 3)
They don’t educate, they throw the book, they make sure they hit ya
Jew-veniles locked up at 13, bar mitzvah
18 times more likely to be tried as an
18 year old for the same crime as them
They watching us, in the hood, 3 striKes just for burning trees
While swatsikas, in a hood n 3 Ks get to burn trees
To please cops, we cop pleas/ blood drops on leaves
They’ll eavesdrop/ we’ve got to stop these thieves/ try to keep up (facts)
Direct deposits into the bank/ fund for-profit criminal tanks
With no intentions but detention retention, inventin’ offenses for walkin’ the plank
No dental coverage, no help for the mental, suffrage
Commission off the commissary, families left to suffer
So how you feel, how you feel, how you feel
In 25, the numbers grown to 2.5 mill
Born with a death sentence, the burden of being black
These ain’t feelings, see these are facts/ there ain’t no taking em back



from The Campaign, released February 20, 2017
Written by Champagne Duane
Produced by Cee Goods



all rights reserved


Champagne Duane Oakland, California

It is often said that an artist can change the game, but all too often it doesn’t happen. In the case of Champagne Duane, people should at least start paying attention. He is the definition of hard work and has brought his solid work ethic to the booth. Creative, witty, edgy, smooth and perceptive only begin to describe his approach to the game, but one word you should use is, complete. ... more

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