Vegas Baby 2 (ft. Cee Goods)

by Champagne Duane

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'Vegas Baby’ seeks to introduce you to your own aspirations – from success to life’s guilty pleasures. The dreams are way bigger now in "Vegas Baby 2" as the excitement expands beyond the Las Vegas Strip, and once again leaves room for the imagination to decide what actually takes place. "The bright lights, the skyline, the nightlife, the ice shines"... this is Vegas, Baby!

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Yes... Welcome back to the time of your life...
The dreams are way bigger now...
There’s more money on the table...
And the fantasies, (laughs) the fantasies...
As wild as they’ve ever been...

(verse 1: Champagne)
UH! Back again like we never left/ yes/
Deadly sins where the devil rests/ yes/
Just gettin’ in, gotta get some rest/ fresh/
Convertible sweats, Prada vest rests against my chest/
Tell the refs/ it’s so foul how we keep it/
The way I 'rock the boat' shoes Aaliyah would be seasick/ whoo!
It's just me ‘n 6/ of my closest homies/
"This town is a great big p*ssy" and I feel like Tony/
Montana/ tell the fat lady to sing Soprano/
Tell the skinny girls the vodka is in my cabano/
Cabana/ Tupac, no shirt, bandana/
Spittin at the camera/ like I left the mike Tyson fight/ (uh!)
Let's roll some dice tonight/ variety's the spice of life/
So if the price is right/ I'll find a couple wives tonight/
You know the kind I like/ Rihanna-like/ but not as crazy/
Let's make a Vegas baby/ this is Vegas, baby/

The bright lights, the skyline,
The nightlife, the ice shines,
The wrong places at the right times (yeah)
This is Vegas Baby
One shot, one kill,
One shot, one spill.
And we got, y’all still (yeah)
This is Vegas Baby
It's the city of sin (Vegas Baby)
The bigger the bet, the bigger the win (Vegas Baby)
It's the tip of the brim (Vegas Baby)
One sip and you in (Vegas Baby)
It's the city of sin (Vegas Baby)
The bigger the bet, the bigger the win (Vegas Baby)
It's the tip of the brim (Vegas Baby)
One sip and you in (Vegas Baby)

(verse 2: Cee Goods)
Hey, yo I just touched down from that sunshine state/
My n*gga met me at the gate/
Now I’m coolin’ wit my people watching views that’ll change your life/
Don’t blink for a second, this may never happen twice/
I’m rolled up, sippin’ slow, watching Vegas strip/
Met her on the Vegas strip, my life is like a movie script/ ha!
Take two if you lookin’ for dat action/
My cup is on full, I’m just tryin’ to get it crackin‘/
I’m on my John Legend sh*t, I’ma legend, sh*t/
Got these girls yellin’ preach on that reverend sh*t/
Dressed like I don’t give a f*ck, where the drink at/
Mansion so big take a bath where the sink at/
Pool side puffin/ *ss like a muffin/
Sin City is the spot, you know she down for somethin’/
I put it down nice like a real n*gga does/
I’m headed back to LA, but Vegas always show me love/


(verse 3: Champagne)
The strip was cool/ but now it's infinite pools/
Slippery dude/ I never stick to the rules/
Sickest of shoes/ and the lenses is new/
Champagne is what's popping, stop sippin them brews/
Life is what you make it, who you living it through/
This life is so stellar (Stella) I could give you the groove/
I got millions to move/ you, billions to prove/
Nowhere better than the desert to come risk all your jewels/ (money to burn)
Lose it all like a naked lady/ or
Bet it all n then make him pay me/ for
Me to spend it all, you know Satan's waiting/
40/40 two nights in a row... 80/80/ (shut it down)
I ain't talking bout the bar but the amount we spent/
Go home or go hard, you know how we went/
This how we vent/ when ya life is so crazy/
And you amazed that you made it/ only one way to phrase it/
Baby, this is Vegas/



released December 13, 2013
Music Production: The Intangiblez, C Goods Production
Watch the video directed by Kevin Hasenkopf



all rights reserved


Champagne Duane Oakland, California

It is often said that an artist can change the game, but all too often it doesn’t happen. In the case of Champagne Duane, people should at least start paying attention. He is the definition of hard work and has brought his solid work ethic to the booth. Creative, witty, edgy, smooth and perceptive only begin to describe his approach to the game, but one word you should use is, complete. ... more

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