Unhappy Valentines

by Champagne Duane x Elin Skei

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Friday the 13. A perfect day for heartache. Elin Skei and I have collaborated to create Unhappy Valentines. This 5-track EP is the boy meets girl love story without the fairy tale ending. It starts off as all fun and games on "Better Than That" where Elin isn't exactly feeling the boyish pickup lines. Then I get a little personal on tracks like “She Loves Me Not”, “Want Me Back,” and “The Worst.” Elin explodes on "Faded" as she reminisces on a love lost.


released February 13, 2015

Executive Producer: Duane Lawrence | All vocals by Duane Lawrence and Elin Skei | Artwork by Duane Lawrence

Special thanks to all those involved in the project!

1 Better Than That | Written by Duane Lawrence and Denzil Lawrence | Music Production by JNew, DJ RoyalT | Vocal Production by Nehemiah Booker | Recording and Mixing by Nehemiah Booker for Ruff Diamond Ent | Mixing and Mastering by Cedd Mack

2 She Loves Me Not | Written by Duane Lawrence, Elin Skei | Music Production by TwanBeatMaker | Recording by Matt Jefferson at Black Diamond Studios | Recording and Mixing by Alexander Devine at Flatline Studios | Mastering by Cedd Mack

3 The Worst | Written by Duane Lawrence | Contains music and lyrics from ‘The Worst’ by Jhene Aiko | Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Michael Feldhan

4 Want Me Back (feat. Louis Gee) | Written by Duane Lawrence | Music Production by Jonny Cool | Contains sample of ‘Want Me Back’ by Dionne Warwick | Recording by Matt Jefferson at Black Diamond Studios | Recording and Mixing by Alexander Devine | Mastering by Cedd Mack

5 Faded | Written by Champagne Duane, Elin Skei, Nehemiah Booker | Music Production by Stewart Villain | Vocal Production by Nehemiah Booker | Mixing and Mastering by Cedd Mack



all rights reserved


Champagne Duane Oakland, California

It is often said that an artist can change the game, but all too often it doesn’t happen. In the case of Champagne Duane, people should at least start paying attention. He is the definition of hard work and has brought his solid work ethic to the booth. Creative, witty, edgy, smooth and perceptive only begin to describe his approach to the game, but one word you should use is, complete. ... more

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Track Name: Better Than That

Intro (Champagne Duane)
Profanity's not my thing/ Vanity's more my thing/
Sexual, chocolate, damn that boy can sing/
Roll up on a chick like madam where's your ring/
You lookin like a queen, I imagine there's a king...
Yea? Well lemme talk crazy to you/
Out of spite, end of the night I'll be amazing to you/
I ain't blowin smoke, this ain't no Whoopi cushion
But if you keep on ackin stank, then I'm Swayze to you (ghost)

Hook 1 (Elin)
I wouldn't smoke cheap cigarettes
Won't even drink cheap wine
Don't even like cheap licorice
Why would I buy a cheap line

(Elin) Come betta than that
(Duane) What's better than that?

Verse 1 (Elin)
Already know who you know (is that so?)
Yea I hear it all the time
Already ruled out your game, boy
Don't try to play with my mind (okay)
Already know why you came (is that right right)
Just came to waste my time
Can't even hear what you say boy (oh no)
No, no, what you sayin ain't divine

Pre-Hook (Elin)
Come betta than that
Where the veterans at
I got a rookie tryna hook me
Where his medicine at
You will never go back
Once you get it in black
But to each ya own chick
I got cheddar to stack, so hold that

Hook 2
I wouldn't smoke cheap cigarettes
Won't even drink cheap wine
Don't even like cheap licorice
Why would I buy a cheap line
Come better than that, come better than that, come better than that
What's better than that
Come better than that, come better than that, come better than that
What you mean come better than that

Bridge (Elin)
You're sorely mistaken, you MUST be confused
Not for the taking, I STAY making moves
Please step your game up if THAT's how u feel
That's how I feel, so come back when it's real


Hook 3

Verse 2 (Champagne Duane)
Watch glisten/ not to mention/
I got my own pot to piss in/ I'm just missin a fox in the kitchen/
Mama listen/ a bottle of Crys n/
Me n you can wind up missin/ wind up kissin/ I mean,
Wind up kickin/ kickin it like Saucony/ and then
Wind up pitchin/ throwin it to the homies/
If you ain't that type of kitten/ then nevermind I'm kiddin'
Unless you gonna do it/ then let's get to it/ listen...
This is just par for the course/
First you gon stop trippin n then hop on the horse/
After the first ride usually starts the remorse/
But the force of the D got you talkin D-vorce/
Lawwwd, I love the way you doin it/
Then again what's love got to do with it/
Don't be silly now, love's just gon ruin it/
More power to the one's that's pursuing it, HAAA!

Hook 4
Track Name: She Loves Me Not

I mean, we men, it's the way we're built
Gotta act hard, but nothing's tougher than love

She loves me, she loves me not (loves me not) x3
She loves me, I'm all she's got (ohhh)
He loves me, He loves me not (she loves me not) x3
He loves me, I'm all he's got

Two thumbs up on the lust/ two thumbs down on the trust/ if she loved me like she said she did, that shoulda been a must/ right? Not just a plus/ it disgusts me how she never trust me/ and I would lose my top, soon as the winds get gusty/ and then we argue, fight, who's to take the blame/ then we break up, favorite, foods don't taste the same/ then we make up, two weeks just made us both insane/ the bed gets made up, we go at it like orangutans/ she say she's tired of this ride cuz I keep changing lanes/ first I love her, then I don't/ wanna hug her, but I won't/ cuz my wall, is too great/ I'd tell her how I feel, but it's all too late/ can you relate


She said you're making a rash decision and I hope you don't regret it/ started to doubt myself, the second that she said it/ yet to forget it/ it's still ringing in my head/ takes me back to last Spring, sitting on her bed/ still made the choice to leave her/ and the last time I seen her/ the grass was looking greener/ and I wanted to cut/ she looked at me like I owed her something, she wanted her cut/ she wanted to work it out, and I ain't wanna give up, but/ I got some demons, things she can't understand/ some of it is man to man/ but I miss my hand in her hand/ tried to recapture her beauty, but no camera can/ I wish I coulda talked to her again... damn


She loves me, she loves me not/ but does she really love me, or what I got/ she just loves my spot/'cause I run the block/ but by the way she does me I can tell she loves me/ does she/ does she love me not/ I'm trip pin, that girl love me to death/ I'd die in my sleep if I was allergic to the love on her breath/ but how much love she got left/ what if she ran out/ what if I put my all into it, and she ran out/ living up to my parents 35 years of marriage/ gives me commitment issues, what if I fail, I'm embarrassed/ what if I fall, but I want of this ferris/ wheel/ wanna cherish something real/ that's real

Track Name: The Worst

When you're a good person, mistakes haunt you/ gotta live with it, but those mistakes aren't you/ just a little beside yourself, weren't you/ no amount of explanation can warrant you/ so you sit n contemplate/ move the peas around the plate/ as if the mashed potatoes wrote a book called how to compensate/ accommodate thoughts that overpopulate your mind/ stare at the clock n say 'it's a complicated time'/ juice is from concentrate/ but it doesn't enable you, you haven't been able to... since you've lost some weight/ or put on some weight depending on how your mechanisms cope/ retail therapy, hand me downs, second hand smoke/ can't help but to think you're the butt of every man's joke/ and feel ostracized/ you do like an ostrich n hide/ is this a blessing in disguise, has God tossed me a sign/ I'm only human, assuming I'm just along for His ride/

(Elin Skei, covering 'The Worst' by Jhene Aiko)
Tell me what you say now
Tell me what you say?
You said that you would come again
You (said) that we would remain friends but
You know that I do not depend on
Nothing or no one
So why would you show up
So uninvited then
Just change my mind like that

Please don't take this personal
But you ain't shit
And you weren't special
Til I made you so
You better act like you know
That I've been through worse than you
I just can't keep running away
(But I don't need you)

I don't need you [x4]
But I want you
I don't mean to [x4]
But I love you

Ugh, It makes me sick to my stomach, the very thing I defended/ the very reason it ended/ all my actions were justified... one got indented/ so now it's paragraphs to show you just how much I'm indebted/ just how much I regret it/ I wish I could mend it/ where's Agent J when you need him to wave the wand and forget it/ all I asked for was credit/ you just wouldn't accept it/ you denied my applications, I looked elsewhere to get it/ so I wanted to end it/ and I just shoulda said it/ its gotten way too exhausting to have my moves apprehended/ handle feelings with care, so pretend and protect it/ doesn't mean I didn't love you, when I said it I meant it/ dismiss you and miss you or guard your heart and just kiss you/ cared enough to tell the truth, cared too much to execute/ hearts hung in the balance, to open mine was a challenge/ you need to believe me I didn't do it out of malice/

(Elin Skei)
In the way
Funny how everything changed
Once you got all that you wanted
Nothing was ever the same

And though
I don't need you [x4]
I still want you
I don't mean to [x4]
But I love you

I don't need you [x4]
But I want you
I don't mean to [x4]
But I love you
Track Name: Want Me Back (feat. Louis Gee)

Like Diddy and Ma$e, you're gonna (want me back)
Like Biggie and Faith, you're gonna (want me back)

Now you gon talk about it/ and I'm gon walk around it/
'cause I don't show emotion/ and you don't show composure/
we just go through motions/ I'm being really Frank/
you crying Billy Oceans/ and shooting Billy Blanks/
your shots, they don't connect/ you on a losing streak/
girl, you losing me/ 'cause you confusing me/
you say you rep for me/ but you won't let me be/
the guy you said you liked/ when I stepped to thee/
you have your own idea/ of who I'm supposed to be/
but oh no no my dear/ I can be only me/
so you fell in love/ not my priority/
you tryin to catch your balance/ you doin it horribly/
more frustration/ your only form o' negotiation/
show some patience/ and maybe then I'll be so gracious/
to listen to your sob story/ girl, we're not on Maury/
all that flexin and that ra-ra doin nada for me/
but I'm pretty sure she/ gonna want me back

Like Diddy and Ma$e, you're gonna (want me back)
Like Biggie and Faith, you're gonna (want me back)

It didn't work, but not because I cheated/
see I cheated cuz it wasn't gonna work, re-tweet it/
I tried, trust me I tried/
but the truth only got me so far so I lied/
now I know I'm wrong for that but I take to one of my guys/
he told me I was good and not to lose my stride/ he said..
proceed with better bait, you got bigger fish to fry/
and don't let nothin stress ya, I made you fresher under pressure/ yessuh!/
temper tantrum/ that's yo favorite anthem/
tell me why am I supposed to put up with that when I'm crazy handsome/
and an amazing dancer/ I'll await your answer... Crickets!/
little girl, your make up's selling wolf tickets/
under it all is just a ball of insecure existence/
don't you realize, that's the reason for the distance/
I need real eyes for me to plan a coexistence/
But I know you're the D, you want me back/

Like Diddy and Ma$e, you're gonna (want me back)
Like Biggie and Faith, you're gonna (want me back)

Want me back [x8]

Louis Gee monologue
Track Name: Faded

(Verse 1)
Catching glances from a distance
In the club with blurry vision
My hearts on a jagged road
Can u Save me from the cold
Why you give me that look
When you knew I would be here
Now you me like damn
My focus was so clear

I'm faded outta touch with you
I'm faded thought the love was true
I'm faded now my hearts in two
So faded don't know what to do

Were fading out like pictures
Memories of you and me
It's getting to breathe
Were fading out like pictures
Memories of you and me
It's getting to breathe

(Verse 2)
Parts of me are broken baby
lost control and I'm going crazy
We were next level
No more rose pedals
I remember the way you made me feel
Like an empty class, you wouldn't pass
But I need a refill
Of what we had, it didn't last, and now I'm faded



(Verse 3 - Duane)
Eyes so pretty, pretty blurry vision/
Ass so big, big picture goes missing/
Lip color bold, bold statements, no mission/
Tried to earn [your] heart (Earnhardt), pole position/
was taken up by those you listen to/ it's not just chickens who/ talk/
there's a bunch of jealous dudes/ who wish they could fit my shoes/ walk/
now my mind is going back to the time I did you on the sink/
as I'm bout to buy these drinks/ I just can't help but to think...
We broke up like this, we broke up like this/
now I ain't gonna lie girl, I just might miss/
the way we touch n kiss/ the way we touched n kissed/
and enough is enough and I wanna run it back, that I must admit, but enough of this/
back n forth/ unless of course we goin back n forth/
rocking the boat/ not gonna stop, got a lock on ya throat/
you talkin a lot/ hop in the drop/ shotgun cocked/ gotta stop on that note/
I'm not gonna choke... I'm not gonna choke...
I'm done playin, this the end of the game and I'm not gonna choke...

Chorus (x2)